If your goal is to attend an affordable family activity that provides entertainment and education, then a trip to Schaake’s Pumpkin Patch is a must! This family tradition includes: no admission fee, free parking, free hay rack rides to and from the patch, a free spooktacular hay maze, a free playground including swings, a straw romp and straw slides, a number of farm animals and a variety of water fowl, game birds and chickens.

Along with this free entertainment there are a number of educational centers and photo opportunities located throughout the patch.

Visitors can also enjoy a unique gift shop that is full of crafts and decorative items. Many of the items are “one of a kind” and hand made by members of the Schaake family.

Snack concessions include buttered popcorn, cookies, donuts and the popular apple and cherry slushes can be purchased at an old fashion price.

Most importantly is “the hunt.” Pumpkin pickers can walk through 30 acres and sort among hundred different varieties to find the “perfect” pumpkin. Big, small, orange, red, pink, multi color or unique in is here at Schaake’s Pumpkin Patch!